Research and art visits

Bickerton Art Exhibition

This is the largest independent art exhibition in Cheshire and I’ve written about it in my second A3 sketchbook.

Castle Park Art Centre

After my visit I contacted Philip Westcott on facebook and asked permission to reproduce his pictures in my learning blog. He kindly gave permission.

Philip Westcott’s website


I saw this watercolour picture at the exhibition, ‘Cwm Penmachno’. The composition is appealing, showing the river going under a bridge. If I’d have done this picture I’d have been tempted to leave out the telegraph poles, but they actually add to the picture’s perspective. What I really love is the sky. It’s a wet on wet technique and has resulted in a dramatic sky. The yellow, which has blended in well, saves it from being depressing. I think the artist has used skilled mark making to give more texture and detail in the foreground and I really like the use of the limited palette, which adds a calmness to the atmosphere.

Pool Worsley Woods Oil 20x30

I was immediately drawn to this picture, ‘Pool Worsley Woods’ because of the combination of colours, although again a limited palette has been used. When you see it in real life I would say it’s brighter than this photograph. I thought this was acrylic paint, but it’s actually oil on canvass. It reminds me of a Monet painting, in an Impressionist style. I think it’s like pointillism except the marks are often more like little lines. I like the movement in this piece, created by the mark making, probably using a palette knife. Both pictures show lovely reflections in the water. I’ve only tried this type of painting on a small scale, which doesn’t really suit, but would like to try it on a larger scale.


This picture, ‘Observant’ is another piece of work by Philip Westcott, using another media. It is drawn on a tablet with a stylus, using a program called, ‘Sketchbook Pro’ and then printed on to aluminium. I enjoyed looking at these studies of human nature, some with little messages. In the one above, the old man looks as if he’s happily observing life passing by, while the other man sees nothing but his phone. I have never tried this exact method of creating art, but have dabbled in altering my images in Photoshop. I have seen videos of David Hockney doing a similar process and he works very quickly. I liked all of the images like this, that were printed on aluminium, which is a process I’d not heard of before. They looked professional.

In the picture above there is close detail in the foreground and less detail in the shops, seen through glass. Both men are drawn showing their characters. It’s interesting to see how the old man’s stick is drawn sharply in some places and fades out in others. It looks totally natural. There is a contrast in the straight lines used in the shops and ground and the curvilinear lines used for the seat.

I really enjoyed looking around the art gallery.

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